Five Things: The Whole Kit(Kat) and Kaboodle

Well Done Bee on an awesome swimming-pool birthday cake! Check this out – isn’t it GOBSMACKINGLY AMAZING?? *impressed face!*

{happy birthday Jade!}

{happy birthday Jade! xoxo}

Who’d a thunkit of the good old KitKat – plus, did you know that out of all those chocolates one finds winking and seductively calling your name while standing in the supermarket checkout queue, KitKat has one of the higher protein contents? (um – don’t get me wrong – it’s still a chocolate, but it’s a marginally lesser evil in my books). Here are some other creative uses for KitKat borders – I don’t know about you lot but I’m completely inspired:

(and here’s an easy-to-follow how-to)

{happy as pigs in... mud}

{happy as pigs in… mud. loving the cheeks}

{bums in the butter}

{bums in the butter}

So go on, get baking and give them the finger!

(The KitKat one-finger, of course. What were you thinking? Tut tut).


2 thoughts on “Five Things: The Whole Kit(Kat) and Kaboodle

  1. Mmmm…. it was the easiest birthday cake that I’ve ever made and lots of fun too! Had lots of fun trying a number of different possitions for the “Polley in my pocket” dolls i.e. diving in with the legs and feet sticking out….

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