Five Things: But really, it’s just one big thing

So the thing is that I’ve totally neglected this blog, in pursuit of some of the larger items on the all-important Bucket List. While I’ve had the occasional cooking-binge, I haven’t been keeping up with the photos and careful transcribing of recipes. Which means I have a tall pile of recipes but no photos, and alternately a few blurry cellphone pics with only a vague memory of the recipe.

I’d say I’d get right on top of that except that this pursuit of Bucket List Item Number 1 is going to be keeping me kinda busy for the immediate future.

OK so the big ticket Bucket List item is….

To live in a foreign country where English is not the official language.

standing ovation for Mr Freston

So, in two days I’ll be going on a one-way flight to Switzerland! Yay! WhoopWhoop! Etc!

Five things I am most looking forward to, out of roughly five gajillion:

that's how i girolle

{owning a girolle to shave the tete de moine cheese}

say fromage

{in my next life, i’d like to be the bit of bread that gets dipped in the cheese}


break me off a piece a that

{chocolat. all it needs is johnny depp and his banjo}


oui oui

{fine wining}



{a whole new appreciation for hot chocolate, because – SNOW!}

Auf Wiedersehen until I find my feet in Switzerland! (since my top five reasons to be excited are all edible, I’d say that finding my feet beyond the blubber could be a very real problem for me soon…)





Five Things: Hoppy Easter!

Happy Easter Sunday everyone! Hope you are enjoying a breakfast of chocolate bunnies and those hard white candy-coated eggs that taste like chalk and chip the enamel off your teeth!

I am abstaining from the chocolate breakfast and instead dyeing my hair chocolate brown to honour the occasion. This is the first time I attempt a DIY-dye, and I was mighty surprised that it smelled so pungently of ammonia. Although it comes in a “non-drip” mousse format and I thought I was doing a pretty good job getting it to stick onto my sizzling, Handy-Andy-smelling scalp… when I eventually turned away from the mirror I found that the bathroom looked as though some small animal with digestive troubles had run amok and poo’d polka-dot style ALL OVER the place. I don’t think the mats and towels will ever recover from this little episode. It has turned out to be a very poor substitute for actual chocolate.

If you are also trying to resist the urge to bite the ears off a chocolate bunny, consider these instead:

{chocolate face mask - found it in Clicks}

{chocolate face mask – found it in Clicks}

{Chocomania range from The Body Shop}

{Chocomania range from The Body Shop}

I saved the best for last – it has little to do with food, or chocolate… but everything to do with FLUFFY BUN-BUNS!! *collapses into cute-induced coma*

If you are also a fan of fluffy bunnykins, then you will love cuteoverload – this link will take you directly to snuggly-bunnydom (be prepared to spend at least 3 hours shrieking AAWWWW NUNU!! at your computer).