SomeBunny Loves You

It’s almost the long weekend WOOP WOOP!! If you’re like me then you’ve treated Easter as one of those things on the distant horizon and then suddenly BAM!! it’s right on toppa you (like right now) – and there go all those shmancy ideas you’d had of crafting beautiful handmade chocolate bunnies and filigree Faberge eggs etc.


This happens to me without fail each year… and somehow the idea of just buying those same gold bunnies every year and sheepishly dishing them out to someone who is most likely going to give you the EXACT SAME bunny in return just doesn’t really appeal.

So here is what you do, right.

Purchase decent quality chocolate bunnies – the kind without foil. Nekkid chocolate bunnies. Don’t get those nasty cheap ones! Life is too short for chocolate that is really just brown wax.

judgy bunnies

(I find the bunnies a bit creepy. Don’t they look like they’re watching you? And not just watching, but judging).

Also purchase cookies, with a diameter wider than nude bunny’s bottom (this is starting to sound a little bit ruder than it really is). I used chocolate-coated digestives, as well as high-protein low-carb cookies from the pharmacy for the health nuts.

Whip up a small batch of green buttercream, and get together some pretty edible embellishments (I made my own *smug face* – little pink blossoms).

Next – assembly.

glued to their seats

Stick the bunny onto the centre of the cookie using a bit of melted chocolate as the glue. Then go mental with the buttercream and flowers to make a pretty setting for the bunny – isn’t that cute?

purrty bunbuns

Put the bunnies in a pretty box with pastel-coloured tissue paper and ribbons and other bits of fluff and I swear it will look far more impressive than intended!

high protein

Easter – SORTED.


2 thoughts on “SomeBunny Loves You

  1. Looks cute but too much effort for me lol. The kids are just getting geldhof or beyers chocs..
    On a positive I am going to attempt making hot cross buns later

    • I was so excited that Geldhof factory shop is literally 2km from my front door!
      Please please please do a guest post for hot cross buns! It’s too hot to bake here!! Plus, I’m feeling the long weekend laziness about to attack…

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