Five Things: Holy Crepe!

Guess what today is?!

{Catholic ... or cat-aholic? Hmm}

{Catholic … or cat-aholic? Hmm}

It’s… Shrove Tuesday!! If you are not Catholic-ally inclined, then let me enlighten you – it’s basically the start of a slippery slope down to Easter. I’m not religious per se; I think several years of Catholic school gave me such a concentrated taste of it early on that I’m kind of over it now. Like when you’re eating a large bag of Cheese Curlz and you grab one that looks really intensely orange and you think ooh yum, a really cheesy one, and it turns out – after you’ve shoved it into your face – to be a solid lump of the cheese-flavoured salty dusting? And then you can’t ever, ever eat Cheese Curlz again? Yep. Religion is my Cheese Curl.

Anyway. Shrove Tuesday. What I appreciate about religion is the traditions that are carried on through the years, and the symbolism attached to them. I could be wrong but my idea of Shrove Tuesday is that it’s the day right before the Lenten Fast starts when you use up all your yummy nomnoms to empty the pantry and have one last indulgence before the forty days and forty nights kicks in, leading up to Easter Sunday. Traditionally, this indulgence is pancakes – yummo!

And so I toyed with the idea of pancakes BUT I’m superbad at pancake-making (I’m sure that I am missing a crucial pancake-making chromosome). Plus it’s a carb *puts on sinister hissy voice* carbs are the devil incarnate. So instead, here are some clever pancakery ideas which I have always wanted to try out, but dare not until the carb-ban is lifted (or until I manage to create something light and delicate, not the consistency of vulcanised rubber):

{chocolate crepes, yes please!}

{chocolate crepes, yes please!}

OK I tried my hand at paleo pancakes. Which were actually ham-cakes – slices of ham layered with a variety of cheesy goodness and briefly baked. The intention was to have mushroom layers, pesto layers, etc. but I felt that an undiluted cheese explosion was called for in this chilly weather. It was like eating condensed pizza topping – a little goes a long way:



cross section


PS: Failing all of the above, I gotsta get me wanna them Stack O’ Pancake scarves!! Twinkie Chan is awesome!

{the scarf is almost as cute as she is}

{the scarf is almost as cute as she is}



2 thoughts on “Five Things: Holy Crepe!

  1. Try this… after the 40 days lol

    3/4 cup flour
    Pinch salt
    3 eggs
    1/2 cup milk
    1/2 water
    1 tablespoon melted butter/oil
    1 tablespoon brandy/vinegar
    Whisk all ingredients in food processor… then mom says sift through a sift to make extra smooth then leave in fridge for about 30 min.

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