Forever Food

Do you remember how, back in the day, we would use old-school phones that had cords and stuff that plugged into a socket on the wall? (I am giving my age away here. To those who have no idea what I’m on about – yes, this was around the time that dinosaurs roamed the earth’s barely-cooled crust). And then, occasionally, there would be crossed lines and you could here other people’s conversations faintly in the background? Firstly – how creepy but awesome was that, and secondly, I think my brain works on a similar principle. Sometimes ideas get kinda scrambled up there, like recently when I was thinking about Madame Zingara’s After Forever show while consuming my lunch:


And it got me thinking – if you had to select one food/one meal to eat forever, for the rest of your life, morning, noon and night, for breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, lunch, tea, dinner and midnight snack, with nothing else and with complete disregard to nutrition and cost and all the other trivial things that we worry about – what would that food be?

awesome tat idea

This is a tough one. The instinct is to pick one’s favourite food*, but that would fit more as an answer to the question “what would be your last meal if you were on death row and/or the zombie apocalypse was imminent”. It’s interesting that no-one could actually stand the thought of eating their all-time favourite every day forever after. Also interesting that no-one picked extravagant or super-indulgent food, and changed their minds on average twice, with longer and longer email responses each time about how unfair the question really is etc. etc. (that was quite funny. Um, relax, hey – it’s not actually going to happen. I can’t think of a single scenario in which this would become reality) (the zombie apocalypse, however, is tewtally plausible).

So it turns out that despite most of my respondents being either foodies or gluttons (or both), the responses were all really really plain and simple good ol’ fashioned decent food:

  • Prawn & avo
  • Pancakes with lots of sugar and cinnamon!!
  • Fresh Bun with Lettuce, Cheese, Pastrami Ham, mayo balsamic reduction……and made with love… (Can you tell this is from someone who recently celebrated her first wedding anniversary? Congrats!!)
  • Pizza – hands down
  • Difficult one but I guess for convenience some sort of bar would be a good idea. (Kinda like a cereal bar but with whatever nutritional stuff you need). Quick and easy – open the packaging and eat. No plates, no cooking or suchlike. (Can you tell that this came back from an Engineer?)
  • lamb on the spit with all the trimmings
  • Roasted Tomato Soup with Toasted Cheese Sandwich…
  • If it as 1 food item – Peanut Butter for sure (because I’m assuming I can add it to other items for variety 😉  )… Is that cheating? If 1 food/meal – Hamburger & Chips…. (enough variety & flavours to keep me interested!)
  • cheesecake
  • That is an impossible question!
  • I would want to say chocolate, or Tiramisu but after a week of only chocolate or tiramisu I’m sure I’d be dying for something else – even if its tripe (yughh)!
  • It will probably be a mixed veg, panfried chicked or salmon and a tossed salad (boring, boring, boring I know!) (1) Or maybe it is Scallops & Topinambour & salad (2) or boeuf bourguignon (3) or proper Italian Pizza with prosciutto, arugula and artichoke hearts (4) or even an authentic Irish stew (5) or what about Sonia’s prawns & all the trimmings (1.1)! You will have to settle for top 5 (6) (with choice no. 1 my head and not my heart speaking)!
  • Sushi perhaps or Italian?
  • Stuffed roast chicken and a French salad
  • Ready Brek
  • Peri-peri chicken in Mozambique
  • Mom’s roast leg of lamb with crispy potatoes and green beans with bacon bits

Thanks everyone for the feedback – you weirdos! If it’s any consolation – you are all unique, and there wasn’t a single duplication. My own choice, after weeks of deliberation and having the kind of arguments with myself that make me question my sanity… good old grilled cheese sarmie**!!

my daily bread

*My favourite: Crayfish laksa with quails eggs, specifically from that restaurant on Orchard Road in Singapore that looks like a red Chinese temple sticking out from next door to the posh hotel with the limo’s out front. Yes, that one. Washed down with the milk drunk directly from a steamed whole coconut.

**with bits of pickled jalapenos. or maybe with smoked chicken and avo and that sweet spicy relish that they do at that bakery in Canal Walk in Cape Town, the one that you practically walk into if you park in section “L”. Grrr. This is totally an unfair question.


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