Oui, Madame!

OMG you have to go book your tickets right away!!!! For what, you may ask? Duh-uh. Madame Zingara is back in town:


I booked tickets sometime in October last year and then had to endure all those months of agonizing anticipation, right down to pitching up 30 minutes early (amongst giant lolliopops and pink and white cows on faux grass) because Gosh Darnit I couldn’t wait to get in there! I have been to one show previously (2012), and this year’s show titled “After Forever” just OUTDID everything and I suspect this is how it will always be in Madame’s gorgeous tent of overwhelming awesomeness.

If you are a fellow bookworm, then I can tell you it is like a more colourful, noisy, eye-boggling, real-life counterpart to Erin Morgenstern’s The Night Circus (OK so I have to admit – I despised the book after the initial read. I thought the two main characters were really sappy. A bit like Edward and Bella in Twilight – protest not, we all know Jacob was the reason we all read it. But after the second go, I realised that Celia and Whatshisface were irrelevant and the circus was really the lead character – and it is perfection). And despite all those descriptive passages about the midnight feasts and sugary circus treats, I can absolutely guarantee that the food at Madame Zingara kicks The Night Circus’s monochromatic foods’ bottom.

omg he's such a smart fella

Plus, while you’re trying to discreetly lick all the sauce off your plate, there are the most phenomenal entertainers. I now understand the expression about one’s eyes falling out of one’s sockets – I won’t do any “spoilers” *bites tongue* but I can say that from the intro where there is literally a midget in flight above your head, to the the last act which was so amazing that, two weeks later, I still don’t get it, you are absolutely going to believe in magicalness. You’re just going to have to get on your unicorn and go then, aren’t you?

This is what we ate (I cleaned every plate, including that of my companion – yep, I had me a food baby):



oh dear lordy lord that sauce


brain food right there

dinner and um knitting

sweets fuh mah sweet

it's not good to get dehydrated

Spinach  & Pear Soup, Roasted Beetroot Tart with a little creamy Mustardy blobby, Tzatziki, Toasted Pita, Marinated Tomatoes and Frikkin Hot Spicy Olives (that was just like, a teaser before the starter. The bread on the table served no purpose, really).

Heart-Shaped Butternut Ravioli (it was “scented with cinnamon”, to quote the book) in a Cheesy Sauce from the Gods/Salad with Goat’s Cheese and Croutons (I have hated Goat’s Cheese forever, until that night. I always thought it tasted strongly of barnyard).

Salmon oh so beautiful Salmon, on Mash and some form of Tangy Sauciness/Beef Fillet with their famous Chocolate Chilli Sauce, with Toothsome Veggies on the side (I ate all of them)

Trio of Weeny Desserts – Malva Pudding (if you heard a choir of angels’ strike up a “Hallelujah” late Saturday 15th Feb – yeah, that was me), Red Velvet Pannacotta and Vanilla Bean Ice-Cream.

Add to that several G&T’s and a gorgeous pink wine, and that was me having to be rolled back to the car in all my rotundity.


Please go. And if someone cancels on you, firstly, what a retard! and secondly, invite me, I’ll be there with bells on.

bend and snap

PS: No seriously, with bells on. Lots of people dress up for the occasion.

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