Love Letters

It’s only a matter of hours before it hits us – Shmalentine’s time again. That last post about cupcakes was kinda forced on my part since my feelings about V-Day are not exactly a secret… but those were super-cute cupcakes, and just because I’m not squealing with excitement over heart-shaped boxes of tooth-decay doesn’t mean I begrudge anyone else all the fun.


Anyhoo. So I was traipsing around one of those shops that sell everything from banana-cases to cat-shaped toilet-brush receptacles, and I did my usual sweep through the baking aisle (without any intention of purchasing anything, of course) when I found the MOST AWESOME little gadget. A letter press! For cookies! *cue angel song*. I figured they would also work most awesomely on those fondant-type sweets but I already had cookie dough mooching around the freezer looking sad and forlorn.

These cookies were inspired by “love hearts” – remember those little heart-shaped sweeties with messages on them? “Be Mine”. “Hug Me”.

fav word

This was in theory going to be super-simple – colour the cookie dough red and pink, roll out and cut, then imprint scathing insults onto them, upside-down for added Valentine’s grinch-ness. I had the oven fired up, the dough ready and waiting (I haven’t yet found my “The One” cookie dough recipe, but this one from Just A Taste does a good job) and a vast supply of succinct nuggets of pure rudeness. The kind of stuff you want to say out loud on occasion but can’t for fear your mother will appear out of nowhere and put pepper on your tongue.

like first day of school


I hadn’t counted on having to cut each letter off the pack individually (nope, they don’t snap off). I hadn’t counted on the letters being extra-super-weenie, and difficult to see since they are white on white. And finally, I hadn’t counted on some of the letters being stubborn, requiring a small screwdriver to get them back off the holder. By the time the first batch hit the oven it was sweltering in the kitchen and I was low on patience (see those one-worders? they were the last batch to go in). But all’s well and I’m LOVING the end result and already have a long list of fresh insults for 2015 :-).

yeah i said it

get you away from me


omg a typo


{Jy Stink/Cremora Baby/Fail/Let’s Be Strangers/It’s Not Me It’s U/Sies…}

I bet you that you’re checking out the insults and thinking up a few of your own, right?? Go get a letter press set (the one at Yuppie Chef is, like, the advanced higher-grade kind that NASA would use if astronauts ever took up intergalactical baking).


{Happy Shmalentines Day! XOXO}

PS: Yes, yes, I know there’s a typo on that one red cookie, but sadly there’s no backspace on the letter press gadget. Dang Nabbit.


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