Noel Nibblybits: Going Green

Of course when one launches a platter of nibbles forth into a group of people, one wants to have a variety of goodies.

Things to sample and snack on while Christmas-y conversation (and wine) flows, little bits and bobs that encourage a casual and convivial atmosphere…

To round out the Blue Cheese & Ham Candy Canes and the Turkey & Brie Stars, I added a little fresh crunchiness in the form of sweet baby tomatoes, tangy olives and crispy crudite with a bowl of avocado hummus.

trayful of treats

Since I used this recipe from BBC Food, I won’t bother to plagiarise type it all over again. Ok, so I added a goodly dollop of tahini, but I couldn’t help myself, I love it so (and have a huge jar in the fridge which needs to be used up). In all fairness this recipe leaves itself wide open to gyppo-ing to suit your own taste preference :-).

Avocados are super good for you, nature’s butter in fact. And there are so many ways to use it besides eating it au naturel – I’ve found recipes for baked whole avocados, avocado cheesecake, deep-fried avocado – I’m going to stop there since I’m starting to sound like Bubba in Forrest Gump, but you get my drift.

{you can find the uncensored and much more compelling version at pickupthefork}

{you can find the uncensored and much more compelling version at Thug Kitchen – it’s hilarious}

It’s a lovely hybrid of hummus and guacomole – creamy but fresh at the same time, nice scoop-able dip-able thickness, and with the awesome earthiness of chickpeas and tahini (I would like to name my next cat Tahini. Thought you’d like to know).

The fact that it resembles something which fell out of a dinosaur suffering from digestive troubles is a completely negligible thought once you’ve tasted it ;-).

so much of fresh prettiness



PS: How FRIKKIN’ AWESOME is the avozilla? Can’t believe they grow them locally only to ship every last one out to the UK! Santa, I want me one large mofo avo!! (sorry. that’s what happens when I’ve been over at Thug Kitchen).

it's a monster!!!


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