Sweet Lil’ Bunnies

So on my previous post I promised that the third postscript would be the last one… which I regretted immediately after publishing because actually I wasn’t quite done saying all I needed to say.


And what I wanted to say was:

Check out these awesome cake bunny chow cakes!! I had completely forgotten about them til just now; they were my contribution to a farewell party a zillion years ago, long before the blog was even a twinkle in my eye.

loafing aroundhalwe loaf

I’m not going to post a recipe because I have trouble remembering what I had for breakfast this morning, so let’s not even try recipes concocted two years ago.

When I decided to do mini bunny chows, I hunted high and low for small square cupcake tins which I’d seen all over the cakey shops in the past. Of course, the shop owners saw me coming, read my mind, and maliciously hid all of the square tins away (I believe in this conspiracy theory completely, because I saw them in the shop again two weeks later), so I purchased mini loaf tins. Which made for much more realistic bunnies, but which I’ve had no use for ever since.

I baked vanilla “loaves”, cut them in half after they had cooled and scooped out a tiny bit of the inners. The hollows were then filled them with “curry” made of chocolate buttercream and Milo powder mixed together for texture, with a few strategically placed chopped yellow marshmallow bits posing as potatoes.

yummy bunny

How frikkin cute are they? And they are guaranteed not to cause any digestive drama or require storage of loo paper in the freezer :-).

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