Hoppy Diwali everybunny!

Happy Diwali to all those celebrating the Festival of Lights!! Keep it awesome and safe and pet-friendly, and please please remember to bring along goody-bags for those of us not celebrating – but who nonetheless LOVE a bit of murukku, jalebi and naan khatai ;-).

bunny bun bun

This year I gave a nod to the festivities by bailing completely and not cooking supporting local business. Reason being I discovered a Durbanite who had never eaten a bunny chow. This is the equivalent of an Asian never having eaten rice. An American never having eaten saturated fats. You get my drift.

Fortunately my neck of the Jozi woods is thick with eateries of Durban origin, including the legendary Coconut Grove just 2km from my doorstep. We got the most phenomenal lamb bunnies – a hollowed-out quarter-loaf of soft, fluffy, fresh white bread filled with tender nuggets of curried lamb and melt-in-the-mouth potatoes, with a little bank-baggy of carrot salad to take the edge off the flaming-hot spiciness. We guzzled. We sweated. We wept (but only a little). Although fireworks were in short supply at Cakepoppie headquarters, we definitely had some palate-pyrotechnics going on :-).

{not much beautimous but so much of yumminess}

{not much beautimous but so much of yumminess}

{we were totally those bunnies' biatches}

{we were totally those bunnies’ biatches}

PS: Just a short toddle from Coconut Grove (but I couldn’t remember how to get to that part of the parking) is Red Chilli, and in my dodgy old neighbourhood is Raja Rani, my personal favourite bunny provider – ignore the fact that it’s between two pawn shops and don’t look too closely at the madness beyond the front desk.

PPS: If I wasn’t a leetle teeny bit squeamish about the fact that they resemble deformed alien babies, I would just love to get my hands on rabbit meat. To make … wait for it, wait for it….. bunny bunnies! Genius, right?

PPPS – last one, promise: How awesome are these stickers from Zazzle? It took me a minute to figure out – and then it became my new favourite thing EVER and will forthwith go on all fragile parcels, to confuse mail and luggage handlers everywhere:

oh i die


2 thoughts on “Hoppy Diwali everybunny!

    • That just reminded me of the time we found sheet music for a song called Funny Little Bunny, in the old “piano stool”. “something something sunnyyyyy… but when it rains he’s glummy”. i loved the word glummy.

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