Eye’ll Be Watching You….

Can you believe a whole ‘nother year has rolled round and it’s Halloween again? I thought I’d try something a little different this year, since the witch fingers are getting a bit old.my eye on u

This Halloween will be spent working late (grr grrr), not leaving much time to spend prepping and fussing over gory things in the kitchen – so when I came across this recipe for Eyeball Juice I was mighty happy;

Actually it’s not even a recipe. It’s just freaky awesomeness.

prickly peepers

freshly peeled

Fortunately for me, litchis have ju-u-ust come into season here in deepest darkest Africa. I may have bought the very first ones to come off the tree.

Okay, carefully peel fresh litchis. The canned kind will not work, due to lack of pupils (aka the pip). I guess you could stuff them with a glace cherry (that was my plan B), but rather you than me. Already knowing that these were going to be eyeballs made the peeling a little extra gross. If you did Biology in Grade 10 you may remember the part where you study the organs, and if you had quite an enthusiastic teacher they would go out and procure animal parts for your prodding and poking pleasure. When it came to the eyes, our teachers would get fresh sheep eyeballs. I know, right. Ew. Ewe?

Anyway, so they would show the lens and the whatnot and the eyeball juice which is basically saline… so of course my courageous friend Caribou decided to verify this statement by tasting it. Yep. Eyeball juice. Caribou, you were there way ahead of the rest of us….

ooh look

*sings Soft Kitty Warm Kitty to remove that image from head*

Place two litchis in each glass and top up with red fruit juice or wine. If you are serving these to littlies, please omit the wine. How creepy are they?? (the eyeball juice, not the littlies). Halloween – done!

happy halloween

Every breath you take
And every move you make
Every bond you break
Every step you take
Ill be watching you

– Sting

Nya-a-aaaaaaah *evil Halloween cackle*. Litchis will never be the same again.

If you’re also spending the night in, find a suitably scary bit of reading… I found these ghost stories by Roald Dahl but I’ve been too fraidy-cat to crack the cover yet. You know how his books are… did you ever read that short story where this man’s eyes and brain are kept alive after he dies? And his wife goes all modernised and scandalized and he can do NOTHING because he’s just goggly eyes in a bowl? *whimpers*


PS: Okay honestly, I never get tired of the witch fingers and apparently kids at a recent birthday party quite enjoyed these severed extremities:
{gimme five! it was a medically-themed party, in my defense}

{gimme five! it was a medically-themed party, in my defense}


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