One Smart Cookie

Helloooooooo Stranger!! Sooooo… I’ve neglected my poor blog shamelessly for over a month now, and so here is my explanation (excuse?) and a peace offering.

the smartest

The explanation: I started a whole new job – yay! It is extreeemely challenging. I’m learning incredibly higher-grade new things at a rapid rate, so much so that sometimes I wonder how much of the old information I’m losing to make space for the new stuff. Scary thought. Mostly I just feel incredibly stupid and often catch myself on the verge of saying “Doh!”. Often I cannot remember my own first name. By the time I get home I’m ready to head straight for Snoozeville with no bloggy detours… But I’m hoping that as I get smarter *snort* I can free up some time for the good ol’ Wooden Spoon.

The peace offering: Way back in the day I spent time investigating all those Pinterest pins about food-in-a-mug. I totally got the cake-in-a-mug but the cookie-in-a-mug seemed a bit of a far-fetched idea – I mean, seriously – a whole egg inside just one cookie? You just know it’s going to be a weird pancake hybrid with sprinkles. Sorry, Pinning-people, not for me. So I spent some downtime creating my masterpiece… (okay to introduce this, you have to imagine me as Tim Curry in drag, announcing to an audience that I have created life itself):

creation speech

*The 90-second single-serve crispy cookie*

the cookie was more appealing to be honest

Yep, ladies and gents. This is my equivalent of having created a blonde muscle-man in gold underpants… you may now applaud and clack those clacker-things. If you are not understanding any of these references, please watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show immediately.

Now this took a bit of doing to get the ratios right, and you may need to customise depending on the type of butter or margarine that you use, and also depending on how powerful your microwave is. I slaved away, tirelessly sampling cookie after cookie, tweaking, perfecting, crunching & munching….


This is perfect if you are one of those people who does not possess the willpower to have only one cookie out the tin, and it’s just the right size to be washed down by a nice hot cuppa steamy goodness. I tried a savoury version too (replacing the sugar with salt and black pepper) and it’s good but not quite good enough to be compared to a gold-speedo-clad manly man.

that is all

pretty patty

just a trim off the sides

just one





For one Smart Cookie:

2 level tablespoons of margarine – I used medium-fat spread, because I’m lazy and butter tends to fight. I’m a lover not a fighter. I love cookies.

4 level tablespoons of cake flour

2 level tablespoons of icing sugar (normal granulated works fine too – but I like the shortbready texture that the icing sugar gives)

Embellishments – sprinkles, cinnamon sugar, or you could just leave it starkers

(the quantities may be changed so long as the proportions are kept)

No preheating – awesome! Give a ramekin (or saucer) a blast with non-stick spray. You don’t want to be prying the cookie off of a hot surface with your fingernails. Also, I tried mixing and cooking in the same ramekin – but this increases the chance of it sticking and breaking.

Put all ingredients in a small bowl and using the back of a tablespoon, kind of smoosh it around slowly (so as not to shoot the dry stuff over the edge of the bowl). If you use a kind of rubbing action with the spoon against the side of the bowl, the marg will gradually get incorporated and just when you think it’s not worth the effort, it will suddenly form a ball of dough. This dough must be firm – if it’s soft and floppy, throw some more flour at it until it’s nice and sturdy and mouldable. Grab it and give it a brief squish, then form it into a patty about 5mm thick with as even a thickness as you can manage. At this point, scatter your embellishments over the top, if used.

Plonk it in the centre of the prepared ramekin, then place this DEAD CENTRE in the microwave (very important) and give it 100% power for 1 minute and 30 seconds (if you have one of those turbo-charged microwaves which could power the sun, check it after 1 minute). If it totally fries on you and goes flat and frazzled – there wasn’t enough flour.

When the time is up, remove the vessel whilst wearing oven gloves – it will be hotter than hot!! Let it cool for a minute or so, which is just the right time to fire up the kettle. Give the cookie a bit of a shove with a spoon, and it’ll lift right off and willingly jump into your eager arms. Hmmm. How yummy is that? It’s crispy but kind of chewy at the same time, and all for you! You could neaten it up with a cookie cutter round about now (I didn’t think of this til after cooking – Doh!) but that’s not really necessary.


rainbow crystals

cinnamon sugar


Now how frikkin smart is this recipe – the gold-speedo-clad Rocky of the cookie world Whoop Whoop!! I can’t be THAT stupid after all :-).

PS: The only thing which may be it’s equal in smartness is this:

I saved a pocket for a cookie


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