Life’s A (Hamilton) Beach

I have a bucket list.

I take this bucket list most seriously – whenever a suitable opportunity comes up to cross something off the list, I grab it with both hands, and heaven help anyone who gets in my way. The list contains big things (“Go to Mozambique“) as well as very detailed arbitrary little things (“Buy Tom Ford Cherry Lush lipstick” – because I have a huge girl-crush on Rachel Khoo).

kickin the bucket

For many years I’ve been wanting a stand mixer (the nose-pressed-to-the-glass smudges on that kitchen shop in Sandton – yep, those are mine) and the more I stared at pictures of shell-pink Kitchenaids and stripy kMix’s the more I realised that yes, it’s very pretty, but somehow it’s not me. Then, that super-bad has-led-me-to-all-sorts-of-temptation issue of Ideas magazine came out – the “I Love Vintage” issue. I am a huge sucker for vintage: I have antique books, wonky glassware, and ancient silverware all over the place (cutlery, my Gran’s butter dish, several trophies – none of which I won, which is embarrassing to explain to people who don’t know about my obsession for all things tarnished and older than I am). I like the way that things were made back in the day – solidly built, made to last, and pretty as well as practical.

{from Mint - sold, sadly}

{from Mint – sold, sadly}

Anyway, this magazine had an article about people who are in business selling vintage items – there was a column about Mint, the Retired Goods Company, which I would have missed completely if not for the photos of a vintage stand mixer and a bright yellow retro electric kettle. I literally ran to my laptop and signed up for the daily 9am mail, and added “buy a vintage stand mixer” to my bucket list.

indeed i do

For two months I perused the mails diligently, trying VERY HARD not to buy anything (ok, I once tried to buy a poaching pan, but was too late); Mint is in Durban, fortunately, or I’d probably beat down the seller’s door and demand that she hand over every last bit of chipped enamelware and bruised-looking kitchenalia immediately. Then the magical Monday morning arrived when (cue twinkly fairy music) the email contained a vintage Hamilton Beach mixer! I emailed, commented on the blog and phoned the seller simultaneously. I don’t think it would have been safe for her to say sorry, no, someone else already bought it. Fortunately there was a kind Durbanite in the immediate vicinity who heard my frantic enquiries as to the mixer, and offered to fetch it while there on holiday – Thanks Bronwen!!

distinguished profile

beats modern stuff


So here it is – the most beautiful mixer in the whole world, and it is in MINT condition (see what I did there?). It made an enormous batch of marshmallows just yesterday. The model in the booklet (K-model) is slightly different to the actual model I bought as in it doesn’t have a little bowl adjustment goody on the side, but it works perfectly nonetheless and the booklet is the cutest thing with grainy black and white images of old-fashioned 2-foot tall cakes with glace cherries on top.

good read

New on the list: A vintage scale with one of those little detachable pans on top (I’ve been prompted to add this not only because the Hamilton Beach has turned out to be such a great find, but also because I can’t figure out how to replace the batteries in my digital scale). Watch this space!


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