Random: Edible Ensembles!!

I thought that it couldn’t get any better than Food Porn – until now.

Sunday morning’s are sacred. Sunday mornings are to be dedicated to sloth-like motion and slitty-eyed malevolent glances at the To-Do List on the fridge, chain-coffee-drinking, and for checking out what’s happening on my favourite blogs (see the list down the right hand side of this post –>).

Bear in mind that all of this outrageous Sunday-morning-ness takes place in pink cupcake-printed flannel jammies – so imagine how ecstatically excited I was to find this article about food-themed clothing! Please go read it. I was tempted to copy-paste the whole thing but it seemed wrong and unethical. Click on the link already!! Here it is again if you missed it that first time. Aaand again.

{Dear Santa, I want this one}

{Dear Santa, I want this one}

Happy Sunday everyone! Time for a toasted cheese, methinks…


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