Mama Di’n’t Raise No April Fool

Is it just me or is April an Epic Fail of a month?? I’m tempted to start a petition to stop the madness, and have it cancelled. Over it!!

My weight-gain-indicator jeans (more accurate than any scale) are confirming my suspicion that the Rachel Khoo cookbook is not good for the waistline; I’ve been working through weekends including this one; and I’ve had no time for my poor neglected blog. That last point is still true, so I’m just going to tell you about something my lovely friend Caribou discovered – a very rude food blog. Like, seriously, it’s so rude that I can’t even stick it in my list of favourite sites (I know, so lame – but I went to Catholic school and can’t help myself). It’s called Effing Recipes (Give me points for trying….).

{pinata cookies! filled with m&m's!! these could be the cure for April...}

{pinata cookies! filled with m&m’s!! these could be the cure for April…}

Go check it out – when you’re in a grouchy mood, it’s the only way a recipe is going to catch your interest. Step 1 of the chocolate lava cake demands that Satan be present, because something that delicious has got to be a sin…


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