Five Things: Hoppy Easter!

Happy Easter Sunday everyone! Hope you are enjoying a breakfast of chocolate bunnies and those hard white candy-coated eggs that taste like chalk and chip the enamel off your teeth!

I am abstaining from the chocolate breakfast and instead dyeing my hair chocolate brown to honour the occasion. This is the first time I attempt a DIY-dye, and I was mighty surprised that it smelled so pungently of ammonia. Although it comes in a “non-drip” mousse format and I thought I was doing a pretty good job getting it to stick onto my sizzling, Handy-Andy-smelling scalp… when I eventually turned away from the mirror I found that the bathroom looked as though some small animal with digestive troubles had run amok and poo’d polka-dot style ALL OVER the place. I don’t think the mats and towels will ever recover from this little episode. It has turned out to be a very poor substitute for actual chocolate.

If you are also trying to resist the urge to bite the ears off a chocolate bunny, consider these instead:

{chocolate face mask - found it in Clicks}

{chocolate face mask – found it in Clicks}

{Chocomania range from The Body Shop}

{Chocomania range from The Body Shop}

I saved the best for last – it has little to do with food, or chocolate… but everything to do with FLUFFY BUN-BUNS!! *collapses into cute-induced coma*

If you are also a fan of fluffy bunnykins, then you will love cuteoverload – this link will take you directly to snuggly-bunnydom (be prepared to spend at least 3 hours shrieking AAWWWW NUNU!! at your computer).


One thought on “Five Things: Hoppy Easter!

  1. So I’m trying the face mask out right now… 2 things:
    1 – I forgot that it would dry. I made myself a lovely hot cup of coffee. I am unable to drink it because my entire face has hardened to the same consistency as reinforced concrete.
    2 – I tootled off to the bathroom to rinse the mask off so that I could enjoy my coffee. Saw myself in the mirror and got a massive heart-attack-y fright because it has dried to the colour of khaki. I look like an actor in an old war movie, where they crawl around Asian swamps with pained expressions on their khaki faces.
    Apart from those two oopsies, it smells and feels amazing!

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