Five Things: Green Day

Top o’ the Mornin’ to Ya! Yep, it’s that time of year again – St Patrick’s Day, when we all feel the need to down a pint of Guinness and talk in a bad Irish accent.

My dad is traipsing around Germany at the moment,checking out Green technology – which is the PERFECT theme for today, right? So I invited him to contribute to this post, thinking along the lines of amazing innovation in the world of food that is saving water, or energy, or baby polar bears. Now I just think he was smoking something green at the time:

“Who thought about Green Technology in the food (or any) industry 50 years ago? Very few I bet! That’s why I’m in Germany – to see good examples of this!

But HaH!…the Irish (I said “Oirish” in my head) had it all sorted out! They disguised it as Saint Patrick’s day to keep their environmental advantage a secret from the heathens, begorrah!

Yes, and here is how and what they did:

1. They made the little people out of green felt and whispers of white bumfluff for beards (even the ladies”.

2. They nicknamed their home the “Emerald Isle” – how much greener can you go?

3. They very likely came up with mint liqueur as well for all we know.

4. They did some magic after a few quaffs and made the grass greener – seen it with my own eyes I tell ya!

5. And then went on a water-saving drive by making Guinness and Scot…no, scotch – even though they usually have plenty water in their many streams! Hhhmmmm! Always wondered about that.

And then on 13th March every year they trick us into celebrating their green technology with them.

Never mind, we all win. Wonder if we get carbon credits for this. Ooohjirre! Don’t let some of my friends know!!! They’ll want to generate credits till they wake up green-faced tomorrow!

I’ll be back (read this Schwartzenneger accent!!)”

Um. Quite.

Here are some interesting ways to go green in the kitchen this St Paddy’s Day:

{waste-free alternative to bottled water}

{waste-free alternative to bottled water}

{raw organic chocolate from the Mother City}

{raw organic chocolate from the Mother City}

{fancy-shmancy compost bin}

{fancy-shmancy compost bin}

{wine in eco-friendly PET bottle}

{flutterby wine in eco-friendly PET bottle}

{if meat-free mondays aren't doing it for you - save electricity by having a bring-and-braai}

{if meat-free mondays aren’t doing it for you – save electricity by having a bring-and-braai}

For more green tips, visit the PnP Sustainable Living site and their cute little “green house”.



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