Put Some Hair On Your Chest…

… if you, like me, cannot grow a moustache in support of Movember no matter how hard you try.

Confession: This does not involve food (gasp!) but I made it in the kitchen so it kind-of counts in a way, and since it’s for a good cause I’m sticking my tongue out at you if you’re being judgmental on me right now.

Also, fear not, it doesn’t require consumption of horse medication or whatever it is that side-show attractions take – it’s just a bit of prettyness is all. You could also simplify things and purchase a ready-made piece but that would take all the fun out of it, especially since  swiping a card doesn’t really require pliers (fun!).

What you will need for 1 awesome Movember necklace:

Be a South African (not strictly necessary but it makes the shopping part easier)

Be a girl

ZAR 20.00


Now there are two ways you can start this process – either go to your local Mr Price store and risk being caught in a stampede of fashion-forward teens, or sign up at www.mrp.co.za (while browsing, I got so excited at the costume jewellery prices that I signed up and pretty much ordered one of each). I heart online shopping. I also heart R20 price tags.

Whichever way you choose, proceed to buy the necklace that has sunglasses and a mo’. I thought it was a bit much initially, but on closer inspection found that the moustache size and shape was perfect.

Now, scratch around in the cupboard where you keep things like screwdrivers and spare lightbulbs until you find the pliers – yes, they are the ones that look like giant tweezers. Using them, carefully detach the moustache and sunglasses from the chain by opening up the little ring goodies – don’t pull them apart, instead keep the circular shape and slide the open ends up/down. This is really hard to describe so see below:

Next, re-attach the moustache to the chain using the pliers to make sure the little metal rings are securely closed. Do what you like with the sunglasses left over from the exercise – I’ve been trying to get my cats to pose with it on their faces but they’ve been very reluctant to be photographed in such an undignified manner. Let’s just make do with an artist’s impression (thanks Caribou!):

So go forth and wear your moustache with pride – there are only 26 days left, quick, hurry!

PS: If you are hell-bent on sporting a moustache on your upper lip, I recommend these gorgeously girly ones from Big Blue:



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