Five Things: Gimme Mo’

What is with the moustache trend? I googled “moustache” and found a plethora of whiskery weirdness – there’s a well-supported Handlebar Club, and the World Beard and Moustache Championships for further evidence of this facial-hair fetish. Boys are so weird.

And so this is my hairy homage to Movember, which is not just about random guys desperately trying to grow more than 3 straggly strands of facial bumfluff but also raises awareness of boy-cancers.

{minty fresh moustache from Big Blue}

{time to grow some facial fuzz, Big Blue}

{can’t handlebar your liquor}

{Wonder with a Whisker Cookier Cutters at Modcloth}

{not even kiddies desserts are safe from this modern trend. the last one terrifies me.}

PS: You must read this fascinating piece on girls with moustaches. It almost makes me want to quit shaving (a joke! that was a joke, people).

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