Oktoberfeast: Last One, For Real

This one is not a recipe, so kick your feet up and prepare to absorb some useless but interesting information (were you also one of those kids who remembered, line for line, all the unimportant information in class that WOULD NOT be included in the exams? Then you’re in for a treat).

I randomly check in to my favourite blogs (that’s the list over there to the right) every once in a while and recently popped on over to ediblegeography.com and found this fascinating article on Beer Caves. I’ve heard of caves for cheeses but never for beer, and I was wondering if it was just a new name for Man Caves that men the world over seem to be obsessed with (a whole entire room in a house just to loaf on a couch with a large TV with the smell of fermented old socks pervading the air? they do that already in the lounge, anyway).

So the gist of it is that there is a huge series of man-made caves beneath the shops and streets of Nottingham (including the creepy ones like burial caves), and how’s this for irony – beneath a nightclub are the Malting Caves where beer was made in the medieval Robin-Hood/Maid Marion times Ok, so I guessed that last part, but that’s what I think of when I hear “Nottingham”. (Oh my goodness, there really is a Robin Hood beer! And a festival! How’s that for beer intuition?). I would happily travel all the way there to go have a look and sample some resurrected medieval beer recipes.


Here’s the full article in all it’s super-technical glory.

PS: This is completely arbitrary: one of my favourite things about the article is that one of the participant’s surnames is “Strange-Walker”.

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