Five Things: Bite-Sized Bling

{my mother’s bead necklace and pretty pulses}

Often we find similarities or make connections between things that may, at first glance, appear to be completely unrelated; lately I find that more and more these coincidental similarities involve food. It’s like … Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon – but with perhaps less Kevin and more bacon or other edibleness.

{Gill’s bead (bean?) necklace with pomegranate rubies}

{wooden bracelet and mixed nuts – the almonds will return for an encore in a future post}

{i heart my chunky bracelet and sweeties with soppy messages on}

{my gran’s tigers-eye bracelet with sultanas – in my gran’s  silver butter dish given as a wedding gift 51 years ago*}

*to my gran, not to me.






3 thoughts on “Five Things: Bite-Sized Bling

  1. Wow, really cool comparisons!! Oh and I should hope its you grans wedding gift from 51 yrs ago and not yours, or els i’ve been seriously missing something and you look damn good for your age! hahahaha!

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