The FRIKKIN’ AWESOME Food and Wine Show!

Ok, ok, so it’s actually called the Good Food and Wine Show but the word “Good” is so completely inadequate!

I suspect that it’s the use of the lukewarm adjective “good” that resulted in my total lack of interest in the show in past years: somehow it didn’t really bleep on my radar. Until this year when I found my most amazing cheffy friend Gill from Foodiction busy making arrangements for the Masterchef stand using names like “Adam Liaw” and “Callum Hann” as if they were normal people she bumps into every other day (this gives an indication of what an  important fancy-pants person she is!).

{the mastermind behind the masterchef stand}

So here’s the thing:

I have had the sickest crush on Adam ever since the Masterchef Australia 2010 season aired – isn’t he just the cutest, most adorablest celebrity chef? He’s just so happy and upbeat, and it doesn’t hurt that he posts pictures of cute baby animals to his Facebook page. Right from the soles of his tatty sneakers to the very pinnacle of his top-knot, he is pure undiluted AWESOMENESS!! When I saw him doing his live cooking show today, I was totally starstruck.

So of course when I had my chance to actually walk up to him and be in his space and breathe the same air, I had a total brain stutter and I couldn’t remember how to talk or think. I completely forgot to grab a chicken wing from the plateful he had just prepared, I even forgot to ask politely for a hug (in retrospect maybe that was better, since it would have taken several muscular security men to prise me off of Adam’s person with a crowbar and the jaws of life)… but I’m so glad I got to meet him anyway and I can’t wait to make from-scratch Laksa paste from my copy of his book My Two Asian Kitchens. Hang on, let me re-phrase – my autographed copy of his book! Neener neener neener!!

{yes, that is my “about to keel over with joy” face}

{go get yourself a copy already!}

After this amazing experience I wandered off, in a happy daze with wobbly knees and a stupid grin plastered across my face… a little while later I started to regain some of my mental faculties, and began to realise what an awesome event I was participating in. I spent several hours getting pleasantly lost between stands, scoffing samples of everything and swooning over some of the goodies on offer. Many of the products are so simple but so clever – well done to the smartypants people who thought to turn them into business opportunities! I had lots of “why didn’t I think of that?” moments.

{The quality of the photographs is absolutely appalling, but that’s all due to being totally and utterly Adam-struck}.

{fruit bouquets – who’d-a thunk it}

{the amazing promo guys at Grater Plate – they looked like they were having so much fun!}

{the Grater-Plate… it’s great… and it’s a plate}

{DIY hot chocolate and marshmallows, from Koko Chocolate Company}

{love retro, and when it’s in pink it’s even better! the nice people at Snappy Chef took great pains in helping me get a good shot}

{all i want for Christmas…}

The show is on until Monday 24th, so if you are in Johannesburg do yourself a favour this long weekend – dislodge your bottom from the couch and get down to the Coca-Cola Dome. Go look for the Masterchef stand and cheer loudly for Foodiction’s amazing team! Then go to the Kitchenaid stand and buy me one of everything!

PS: If you’re a fellow Adam-fan – let’s do our hair like his! Top-knots are very fashionable nowadays so we’ll be considered “fashion-forward”.


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