Five Things: Panda to My Every Wish

{Bakerella makes it look so easy}

Why on earth pandas? is probably what you are thinking. Well it all started when I joined a friend at his very modern church this past weekend (no, I was not struck down by lightning as I entered, in case you were wondering).

Anyway, it’s a long story and what I really wanted to say is that the mascot is an enormous 6-foot panda that scared the bejeezus out of me and so I thought I needed some positive panda-ness in my life this week.

{I had such a giggle – the website advertising “Kotobuki Panda” products says: If your child is very difficult to eat, you must try the panda kitchen appliance to add their eating taste.}

{panda wine bottle holder from Lighthouses Unlimited}

{Bakerella again – frikkin’ overachiever!}

{Today I’m Making Mostly Chocolate Apron at}


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