Five Things: Ladies’ Long Lazy Lunch

An ode to Women’s Day – brunch with my mother and sister at Possums Bistro & Deli in Parkhurst.

In addition to their freshly flavourful food, I love the decor which includes a sleepy black poodle at the door, and the richly bizarre assortment of fellow brunchers which ranged from fancypants foreign bidnessmen who used the word “stakeholder” a lot, and a mentally touched older gentleman who couldn’t use a knife and happily conversed with himself in the sun.

{i love scruffy seasonal menus}

{vintage-esque cutlery and crispy napery}

{the Bread Pitt}

{soy-roasted nuts, olives and polenta crisps}

{cheese platter of the gods}

To wash it all down, I had a tall glass of Rose-Raspberry Cordial – a real Anne-of-Green-Gables-gets-Diana-drunk moment. If you haven’t yet read it, I urge you to track down the entire series and get stuck in immediately. Marilla would be proud.

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