The Incredible Cupcake-inator!

Hey you! Yes you!!

Are you heating up your whole entire oven every time you bake cupcakes?

Are you racking up huge electricity bills just for a bit of cupcakely indulgence?

Are you *accusing tone* depleting the earth’s precious resources for the sake of your own selfish gluttony?

Well, waste no more!

Introducing the Cupcake-inator, the revolutionary new goodiemagadget that will transform the way you bake!

{drumroll please}

Simply plug it in, wait for the indicator light to switch on, add your batter to the non-stick pockets and Hey Presto! Cupcakes in just 4 – 6 minutes! No cupcake liners required!*

Not only will you have 8 uniformly-shaped delicious homemade nom-noms, they will also be the perfect  size: at just 5cm diameter on the top end, the smaller size means that you will instantly double your regular output at just a fraction of your regular energy consumption!!

But that’s not all  – they are also the perfect size for stuffing a whole one into your mouth, and you won’t feel bad if you eat three in a row! Or even *gasp!* four in a row! You can even ring the changes by making petite pies, using the Recipe Booklet compiled by some random anonymous home economist, which you will receive free of charge inside the box! (the booklet, not the home economist).

{yum yum!}

Less electricity, less guilt about single-handedly murdering the planet – more cupcakes!

Buy one now and you will receive:

  • Personal Satisfaction!
  • A Smug Smile on Your Face!
  • Lots of Compliments and/or a Voluptuous Bum! (depending how many you do – or don’t – share)

*T’s and C’s apply – if they’re very gooey cupcakes you either need liners or the ability to magically apparate them out.

But seriously, people: go check out the Salton Elite Cupcake Maker – I wasn’t kidding about the 4 minutes. Or anything else, actually – it really is that amazing. {The website has a list of stockists}.


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