Talk Nerdy To Me

The first thing to grab my attention today was an article about the Universal Tea Machine, which to me is a fascinating point of convergence where current events, engineering, mathematics, pinball and hot tea all meet in a glorious display of unadulterated nerdiness. I love it!

I could just picture what would happen if they implemented a similar system in all the vending machines at the office: hoards of grumpy caffeine-deprived people staring in confusion into empty styrofoam cups while us Technical nerds look down our noses at them whilst enjoying a hot perfectly-brewed cappuccino. If anyone ventures to ask how we did it we will all use words like “corollary” and “isosceles” and “Krebs cycle”.

The other thing is “Geek Week” nail transfers – I can get cupcake nails! Or pizza nails! Or chefs’ faces nails! The best part is that it’s all DIY so you can choose quite literally ANYTHING to make up your Perfect 10.

Which nail art would you choose??


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