Wooden It Be Lovely – My Own Wooden Spoon

I joined a woodcarving class a few weeks back, partly because I had always wanted to do woodwork instead of needlework in primary school and partly (okay, mostly) because I had committed myself to it whilst under the influence of Old Brown Sherry at a 70th birthday party. Now that I’ve been to two classes and have my own set of knives, I’m absolutely loving it and find myself sketching designs in my diary to alleviate boredom during meetings.

Currently we are working on key holders in a soft wood, and traditionally the second project would be a large, ornately-carved clock or wall bracket with a mirror in it. Around the time that we started discussing the “what’s next” I started this blog and it occurred to me in a Eureka-moment, that what I would most like to focus on is wooden spoons! I love when my different hobbies start to overlap (I am also thinking of getting another set of woodcarving knives for carving chocolate but that’s an experiment for another day).

I mentioned to our teacher last week that I am particularly interested in functional and/or food-related carving, and lo and behold! no sooner had I spoken the words when she found a wooden spoon blank in the back of a cupboard with a design already marked out on it. It had to be mine… oh yes, it had to be mine.

THE Wooden Spoon

I can’t wait to start on my wooden spoon!

PS: If you are interested in joining the Woodcarving (or Fabric-Painting) Classes, Ria is based in Ferndale/Randburg and runs 3 hour classes each week. Let me know if you need more details, I highly recommend it (she provides amazing tea-time treats as well that are reason enough to join!).


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